Obtaining buildings' base case and electrified hourly energy consumption using building energy analysis with EnergyPlus and OpenStudio

Published: 21 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8zrzzsxkcm.1
Ali Khosravani,


Data sets used in Khosravani et al., 2024 - Challenges of Full Electrification Integrated with 100% Renewable Energy in the Residential and Commercial Sectors. Using building energy analysis, we obtained the base case hourly electricity and natural gas loads and the hourly electrified load. We used the Department of Energy's reference building models as they are for the base case scenario. We replaced the conventional HVAC system with an air-source heat pump for the electrified scenario. Please note that JSON files for DOE reference building models have been reproduced and published for the public use.


Steps to reproduce

1- By running the base case idf models, you can reproduce the base case energy load. 2- By running the the osm files you can reproduce the electrified electricity load due to the use of heat pumps. 3- By subtracting the base case HVAC use from the base case's total electricity use (from step 1) and adding the electricity load of heat pumps (from step 2), you can get the total electrified load.


University of Utah


Building Energy Analysis


U.S. Department of Energy