Techno-Economic Energy Dataset for Hydrogen Pathways Modelling

Published: 28 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8ztnn4br66.1
Fernando Plazas Niño,


The dataset compiles techno-economic data for modelling hydrogen pathways, encompassing 36 technologies that span from hydrogen production to its various end uses in transport and industry. The dataset's structure is designed to align with the Open Source Energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS); however, the techno-economic data can be applied to any modelling framework. The data presented within this dataset was sourced from reports, websites, datasets of international and national organizations, as well as peer-reviewed journal papers. It includes both standard values and projected data for the years 2021-2050, covering capital costs, fixed costs, variable costs, operational lifetimes, efficiencies, and capacity factors.



Imperial College London, Loughborough University, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Universidade Federal Fluminense


Energy Engineering, Energy Economics, Hydrogen Energy, Energy Demand, Hydrogen, Low-Carbon Economy


Climate Compatible Growth project