Test Validation of Extension-Twisting Coupled Laminates with Matched Orthotropic Stiffness.

Published: 3 November 2021| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/92s86j8hny.5
Christopher York


This dataset contains raw and processed test and simulation data that underpins a published article: York, C. B. and Lee, K. K. (2020) Test validation of extension-twisting coupled laminates with matched orthotropic stiffness. Composite Structures, 242, 112142. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compstruct.2020.112142 Received 1 November 2019, Revised 19 January 2020, Accepted 26 February 2020, Available online 2 March 2020. Three classes of coupled laminate are compared, each with matching Extension-Twisting coupling. Designs also have matching orthotropic stiffness, in both extension and bending, and have been chosen specifically to investigate the influence of mechanical Extension-Shearing and/or Bending-Twisting on the performance of Extension-Twisting coupled designs under axial tension loads. All designs are Hygro-Thermally Curvature Stable (HTCS) or warp-free. An Electronic Annex to the published article is also provided, which contains specimen data and Abaqus input files from which the simulations can be reproduced. A video of the MTS Bionix 25kN/250Nm Axial/Torsional test machine demonstrates the complex kinematics of the mechanically coupled composite specimen, in which twisting is induced as a result of an applied axial tension load. Supplementary Note: It was not thought possible that zero Extension-Shearing coupled compliances, a16 and a26, could be achieved in the presence of Bending-Twisting coupled stiffnesses, when matching both Extension-Twisting (and inseparable Shearing-Bending) coupled stiffnesses and orthotropic Extensional and Bending stiffnesses. However, this was due to an oversight whilst interrogating the laminate databases. These designs have therefore been provided in a further supplement to the electronic annex, since they do not affect any of the conclusions drawn.



Singapore Institute of Technology


Experimental Mechanics, Composite Laminate, Laminate Mechanics