Source and application time of nitrogen fertilizers effects on wheat yield and nitrate leaching in different soils

Published: 6 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/92v5sxwbf9.1
Ebrahim Mahmoudabadi,


Aim: This study investigates the effects of source and application times of N fertilizers on wheat yield and ni-trate leaching in different soil textures. Material and method: Factorial arrangement of randomized complete block design was used to experiment on two sources of N fertilizers including ammonium nitrate (AN) and urea (NN), applied three different times during the year with a control treatment: total application before sowing (T1), total application in spring (T2) and application of half the amount before sowing and half the amount in spring (T3) in three different soil textures with three replications.



Environmental Assessment, Leaching, Agricultural Soil