Depressurized dissociation-induced deformation of hydrate-bearing silty sand

Published: 25 June 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/92wg4bcscm.3
Jiazuo Zhou


These Origin Project files are the experimental results of depressurization dissociation of hydrate-bearing silty sand under isotropic and deviatoric stress. The files named "evolution" are the evolution of temperature, stress, and strain, etc. The files named "depressurization" are the variation of strain versus gas pressure. "e-p-Isotropic" is the variation of void ratio versus effective confining stress. "Stress-strain" is the variation of stress and volumetric strain versus axial strain. The files named "deformation" are the strains under axial loading, creep and depressurization. The files named "Stepwise depressurization" and "Stepwise depressurization testing results" are the results of stepwise depressurization tests.



Phase Change, Geomechanics, Gas Hydrate