Datasets for spatial analysis of potential inland renewable portfolio for Bohol, Philippines

Published: 13 October 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/92xb8tnr9x.2
Dave Pojadas,


These datasets support the findings of the study titled "Spatio-temporal assessment and economic analysis of a grid-connected island province towards a 35% or greater domestic renewable energy portfolio: A case in Bohol, Philippines". This study aims to estimate the upper-bound technical potential of renewable energy technologies in Bohol province (solar PV, wind, bioenergy, and run-off-river hydropower). In light of the Philippines' RPS policy, the extent to which the technical potential can improve its RE penetration is then evaluated using scenario-based economic analysis. There are three files in this repository. The data with the filename "Supply Curves" contains all 20 supply curves we generated for all capacity addition and power density assumptions we made. The data with the filename "Philippine Energy Mix" holds the results, as well as the assumptions and calculations made to forecast the Philippines' future energy generation by plant type. It also has the serial correlation test we performed for the country's historical generation from natural gas, oil-based, and RE-based facilities. The country's generation mixes for the year 2019 through 2030 (in two scenarios: business-as-usual and 35% RE) are also found in this file. The data with the filename "Bohol Energy Accounting" contains the calculation we made to obtain Bohol's RE share for the year 2005-2019. Serial correlation tests for historical generation from domestic hydropower plants are also stored here.



University of San Carlos - Talamban Campus


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