Data for: Plantarflexor fiber and tendon slack length are strong determinants of simulated single-leg heel raise height

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/933bp2k9mw.1
Josh Baxter


MATLAB files to run batch process of OpenSim simulations 2018-12-04 - Josh Baxter - University of Pennsylvania - The series of simulations can be performed using the main MATLAB script (main.m). Inside this script, the user can change the MTU parameter values that are to be tested. This script uses MATLAB’s parallel computing toolbox to increase the total speed of the batch process. Within each loop, a set of MTU parameters are passed to a function (runsimulation.m) that accomplishes two tasks: 1) update MTU tendon slack lengths to replicate the clinically relevant MTU scenarios and 2) run a forward simulation of the single-leg heel raise activity. In an effort to minimize excess data files, OpenSim output data that are desired to be saved are defined by the user in the main script and stored in a single output MAT file that is updated after each simulation.



Biomechanics, Computational Modeling, Musculoskeletal Function, Orthopedics Surgery