Demonstration videos on using P colonies for deployment tasks in swarm robotics

Published: 28 May 2016| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/938tt4ksfn.3


In this video we present the capability of the Lulu P colony / P swarn simulator to control a Kilobot robot that is a member of a swarm using a P colony based controller. The swarm application presented here is the dispersion from neighbouring robots, until a certain distance from all neighbours is reached. In the video entitled kilombo_disperse_1000.avi, we simulated the interactions between 1000 Kilobots using the Kilombo simulator. The i5-4240 CPU used in this test allowed the simulation of 1000 robots, each one controlled by an individual P colony at a peak speed of 29 x real world speed. The source code (disperse.lulu) of the P colony used for the dispersion algorithm is also included. This P colony is defined in the input file format accepted by the Lulu P colony / P swarm simulator.



Robotics, Natural Computing