Debunking myths: Stone masonry and the truth about earthquake-resistant design

Published: 30 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/93bp6vrgx5.2


UNDERSTANDING THE CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL RELEVANCE OF STONE MASONRY BUILDINGS REQUIRES PUTTING TO REST ILLUSIONS ABOUT STONE CONSTRUCTION AND EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE. It has been well observed that lots of the people through different social media platforms are arguably compromising that the stone masonry is not the best construction technology for constructing buildings in the earthquake prone areas and perhaps advocating the use of reinforced concrete buildings for the earthquake resistant. This mass misconception has been misleading the entire public of the mountain and hilly regions across Nepal. But in contrast, it has been seen that the durability and elegance of stonework has made it a popular building material for millennia. However, the misconceptions about stone masonry’s earthquake resistance have persisted, diminishing the credit due to the ancients’ engineering prowess. Common myths about earthquake-resistant design and stone masonry are busted and explored here after.



Public Opinion, Disaster Management, Earthquake Engineering, Building Engineering