Snow adhesion data from icephobic surfaces

Published: 11 March 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/93d4jw56vw.4
Per-Olof Andersson Borrebæk


Snow adhesion data was collected form experiments on two known icephobic substrate materials and two reference materials. The data shows that icephobic surfaces are not necessarily snowphobic. The data presented is adhesion data, defined as force per area unit. Experiments were performed on two known icephobic surfaces and two reference materials. SLIPS material used was previously evaluated for ice adhesion by Li et al. (2019) and the material designated EC-3100™ is a commercial material presented by Rønneberg et al. (2019).


Steps to reproduce

Snow adhesion data was collected by a tilting table method to be published.


NTNU Fakultet for ingeniorvitenskap og teknologi Trondheim


Adhesion Strength, Surface (Surface Science), Surface Roughness, Snow, Ice