Supplementary Material - Independent control over cell patterning and adhesion on hydrogel substrates for tissue interface mechanobiology

Published: 21 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/93pvd2tff2.1
Louis Prahl,


We describe a technique for photopatterning single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) oligonucleotides onto photoactive benzophenone-containing polyacrylamide hydrogels (BP-PA hydrogels) combined with extracellular matrix (ECM) protein functionalization of hydrogels. ssDNA features are used to capture lipid-ssDNA labeled cells, while ECM proteins support subsequent cell adhesion. This paper contains a method description for cell patterning, measurements of cell-hydrogel interaction, and mechanical and functional characterization of BP-PA hydrogel substrates. In the attached dataset, we have included our photomask designs, microindentation dataset, and analysis code. Supplementary data includes: -Photomask design files in GDS II format (.gds) -Matlab analysis scripts for microindentation measurements (.m) -Individual measurements of hydrogels with varying Am/Bis composition (.txt)


Steps to reproduce

Microindentation measurements can be reproduced by running the MATLAB analysis script (.m), which opens text file (.txt) outputs from the microindenter device. Photomask designs are LayoutEditor outputs (.gds) which must be converted to appropriate CAD file formats for a direct laser writing system.


University of Pennsylvania


Biomaterials, Cell Adhesion, Epithelial Cell, Fibroblast


National Institutes of Health

R35 GM133380

National Institutes of Health

R01 DK132296

National Institutes of Health

F32 DK126385

National Science Foundation

CAREER 2047271

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