Fraxinus nigra tree-ring dataset for flood history study among major river basins near the Lake Duparquet, eastern boreal Canada.

Published: 22 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/94vjr69fb2.1


Data include flood ring (F1, F2) and earlywood vessel chronologies (MVA, N) derived from black ash (Fraxinus nigra Marsh.) trees growing in eastern boreal Canada near Lake Duparquet (Quebec) reported in "Spatial coherence of the spring flood signal among major river basins of eastern boreal Canada inferred from flood rings" published in "Journal of Hydrology" by Nolin et al. in 2021. F1_F2_chrono.csv, as in Figure 3, the F1 and F2 flood-ring chronologies per sites (sites are coded as in Table 1) with sample replication (n); LAT_LON.kml, the coordinate data for each site and sampled tree; MVA_N_chrono.csv, as in Figure 5, the MVA and N chronologies per river basins (river basins are coded as in Table 1); REC1.csv, the reconstruction of the Harricana River spring discharge from 1771 to 2016 reported in "Multi-century tree-ring anatomical evidence reveals increasing frequency and magnitude of spring discharge and floods in eastern boreal Canada" published in "Global and Planetary Change" by Nolin et al. 2021. metadatas.txt, a set of self-explanatory instructions and descriptions for data files. All other data are available upon request to the corresponding author at (institutional email), (permanent email).



Tree Ring, Paleoclimate, Flood