Alvarez Grayson and Dembitzer faunal data Cantabria S.France Levant UP

Published: 19 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/95wtktddt7.1
Michael Ben Dor


Faunal assemblages of the UP in Cantabria, Sothern France (Chatelperronian + Aurignacian) and Levent. For a paper on the lack of cave art in the Levant during the UP. Álvarez-Lao DJ, and Méndez M. 2016. Latitudinal gradients and indicator species in ungulate paleoassemblages during the MIS 3 in W Europe. Palaeogeogr, Palaeoclimatol, Palaeoecol 449:455-462. Dembitzer J, Barkai R, Ben-Dor M, and Meiri S. 2021. Levantine Overkill: 1.5 Million Years of Hunting Down the Body Size Distribution in the Paleolithic Southern Levant. Quat Sci Rev 276(107316). Grayson DK, and Delpech F. 2006. Was there increasing dietary specialization across the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition in France? In: Conard NJ, editor. Neanderthals and modern humans meet?; When Neanderthals and modern humans met. Tubingen, Germany: na. p 377-418.