Data for: Measuring Governance: Why do errors matter?

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/96nknygp6h.1
Yashar Tarverdi,


#This is the the Data Manual for paper, Measuring Governance: Why do errors matter?. The data and the code to be used for re-production of the paper are divided into their respective chapters. Almost all of the codes are in R [some are in Stata] and are tested under R 3.5.X. Every code has its own explanation and mini-manual. Please be aware that some of codes are computationally expensive. (running them a machine with Xenon 3.5 Ghz and 32 gb Ram - some of the codes can take up to 5 days [ that is without multiprocessing.] ) - 3-Simulation Study - 4-Comparing Original and Re-estimated WGI: - 5- A Single Governance Index - 6- Empirical Examples - 7-Discussion Clustering options