Data for "Firearm-related Internet Searches as a Predictor of Suicides by Shooting in the United States: Cross-correlation Analyses of Monthly Google Search Volumes and Method-specific Suicide Rates"

Published: 4 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/96ts2pf2st.2
Joo-Young Lee


This dataset includes the raw data from Google Trends, averaged data, the construct of (S)ARIMA models, and cross-correlation coefficients. Three sets of data are due to sensitivity analyses performed in 3 different time spans. The monthly rates of suicide by 3 differents means in the USA are also included. The study elucidated 3 Google search terms whose search volume trends precede trends in means-specific suicide rate in the United States.



University of Maryland Medical Center


Internet, Time Series Analysis, Suicide