Data for: Recovery of rare earth elements from electronic waste

Published: 25 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/975znrdkt8.1


This dataset contains information regarding the patented methods and uses (both application and granted patents) for the recovery of rare earth elements from electronic waste. The following databases used have been used for data mining: - Espacenet (a free of charge database provided by the European Patent Office), accessed on Oct. 25, 2021 - Orbit Intelligence (FamPat) (a fee-based database provided by Questel), accessed on Oct. 25, 2021 The file titled “Rare earth recover_Espacenet” contains information related to Title, Inventors, Applicants, Publication number, Earliest priority, IPC, CPC, Publication date, Earliest publication, and Family number. The file titled “Rare earth recover_Orbit” contains information related to Priority numbers, Application numbers, Publication numbers, Priority dates, Application dates, Publication dates, Title, Abstract, Current assignees, Claims. The patent searches were carried out by keywords and classification codes. Both IPC (International Patent Classification) and CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification) codes were used. Value of the dataset: prior art searches, technological trends Definition of the classification codes used Y02W 30/82: Recycling of waste of electrical or electronic equipment [WEEE] C22B 59/00: Obtaining rare earth metals C01F 17/00: Compounds of rare earth metals H01F 1/053: Magnets containing rare earth metals H01F 1/15325: containing rare earth Y02P 10/20: Recycling Y02W 30/50: Reuse, recycling, or recovery technologies


Steps to reproduce

Espacenet Query 1: cpc = "Y02W30/82/low" AND (cl = "C01F17" OR cl = "C22B59" OR cl = "H01F1/053" OR cpc = "H01F1/15325") Query 2: cpc = "Y02W30/50/low" AND (cl = "C01F17" OR cl = "C22B59" OR cl = "H01F1/053" OR cpc = "H01F1/15325") AND (ftxt = "electronic waste" OR ftxt = "WEEE" OR ftxt = "e_waste" OR ftxt = "phone" OR ftxt = "computer" OR ftxt = "tablet" OR ftxt = "hard disk") Query 3: (cl = "C01F17" OR cl = "C22B59" OR cl = "H01F1/053" OR cpc = "H01F1/15325") AND (ctxt = "electronic waste" OR ctxt = "WEEE" OR ctxt = "e_waste" OR ctxt = "phone" OR ctxt = "computer" OR ctxt = "tablet" OR ctxt = "hard disk") AND ctxt any "recover*" Query 4: (cl = "C01F17" OR cl = "C22B59" OR cl = "H01F1/053" OR cpc = "H01F1/15325") AND (ctxt = "electronic waste" OR ctxt = "WEEE" OR ctxt = "e_waste" OR ctxt = "phone" OR ctxt = "computer" OR ctxt = "tablet" OR ctxt = "hard disk") AND ftxt any "recover*" Query 5: ctxt = "rare earth" AND (ctxt = "electronic waste" OR ctxt = "WEEE" OR ctxt = "e_waste" OR ctxt = "hard disk") AND ctxt any "recover*" ftxt=full text ctxt=title/abstract/claims cl=classification codes (IPC or CPC) cpc=classification code (CPC) Orbit No. No. of docs Query 1 36 (Y02W-030/82 AND (C22B-059+ OR C01F-017+ OR H01F-001/53 OR H01F-001/15325))/IPC/CPC 2 38771 (RECOVER+ OR RECYCL+ OR RECUPERAT+)/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM AND (Y02P-010/20 OR Y02W-030/50)/CPC 3 10520807 (WEEE OR E_WASTE OR PHONE? OR TABLET? OR COMPUTER OR (WASTE ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT) OR HARD_DISK_DRIVE OR (ELECTRONIC 1D WASTE))/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM/DESC/ODES 4 17706 (C01F-017+ OR C22B-059/00 OR H01F-001/053 OR H01F-001/15325)/IPC/CPC 5 368529 (RARE EARTH)/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM/DESC/ODES 6 3452 (RARE EARTH)/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM/DESC/ODES AND (C12R+ OR C12N+)/IPC/CPC 7 55285 (RECOVER+ OR RECYCL+ OR RECUPERAT+)/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM/DESC/ODES AND (Y02P-010/20 OR Y02W-030/50)/CPC 8 372799 4 OR 5 OR 6 9 486 3 AND 7 AND 8 TI=title AB=abstract CLMS=claims ICLM=independent claims DESC=description


Politecnico di Milano


Rare Earth Element, Patent Landscaping Analysis, Rare Earth Alloys