Asfur et al Mediterranean Sea lightning data analysis tables and graphs

Published: 27 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/97dbyhdt4j.1
Jacob Silverman


Combined datasets of wintertime (DJF) lightning events (time, location and intensity), solar activity (sunspot activity and total solar irradiance), total electron content in the ionosphere, convective available potential energy, sea surface seawater temperature, salinity, pH and total alkalinity during the period 2009-2019 that occurred within the water boundaries of the Mediterranean Sea. The two CSV files correspond to the division of the original WWLLN dataset after filtering into two energy categories, <0.1 MJ and >0.5 MJ. In addition, KDE figures for wintertime (DJF) lightning flash density and precipitation over the Mediterranean Sea throughout the study period.


Steps to reproduce

Follow links in the materials and methods section of the paper to the relevant databases for downloading the values of the different parameters included in the datasets.


Lightning, Solar Activity, Atmospheric Electricity, Mediterranean Sea, Ocean Acidification, Sea-Surface Salinity