Self-potential power spectral density from 2012 to 2017

Published: 28 August 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/97m454zgc6.2
Hong-Jia Chen


This zip file is the datasets of the Taiwan self-potential (SP) power spectral denstiies (PSDs) for the whole-day (WD), daytime (DT), and nighttime (NT) data. There are three folders, such as WD, DT_0900_1400, NT_0000_0500. WD means 00:00-24:00 Taiwan time. DT means 09:00-14:00 Taiwan time. NT means 00:00-05:00 Taiwan time. The format of a file name is SHRL.1ddN.TW.TPSD.mat, for example. The *.mat means the data is saved as a Matlab format. The first four letters (e.g., SHRL) means the station name. 1ddN means the PSD is calculated each day for the NS component. 1ddE means the PSD is calculated each day for the EW component. 1ddT means the PSD is calculated each day for the total field. TPSD means Temporal Power Spectral Densities. The variables in each mat-file include: freqTick: the frequency used in Hz. timeTick: the date number in Matlab function (datenum). Ee_TPSD/En_TPSD/Et_TPSD: 2D matrix of temporal PSD, row means frequency points, column means time points. The "SP_info.xlsx" file is information on the SP stations in Taiwan including the name, location, and start date. Please also refer to "Self-potential ambient noise and spectral relationship with urbanization, seismicity, and strain rate revealed via the Taiwan Geoelectric Monitoring Network" under review in JGR Solid Earth 2019. Contact: Hong-Jia Chen



Noise Method, Geoelectrics