Dataset for the heat-up and heat transfer towards single particles and synthetic particle clusters from particle resolved CFD simulations

Published: 5 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/97y842jr5m.1


The data presented here represents the CFD simulated heat transfer and drag behavior of synthetic particle clusters consisting of 44 spheres. Particle resolved computational fluid dynamic simulations were carried out to investigate the heat fluxes, the forces acting upon the particle cluster, and the heat-up times of particle clusters with multiple void fractions (0.477 - 0.999) and varying relative velocities (0.5 - 25 m/s). Integral heat fluxes and exact particle positions for each particle in the cluster, and integral heat fluxes and the total acting force, derived from steady-state simulations, are reported for 85 different cases. Heat-up times of individual particles and the particle clusters are provided for six cases (three cluster void fractions and two relative velocities each). Furthermore, the heat-up times of single particles with different commonly used representative particle diameters are presented. Depending on the case, the particle Reynolds number, the cluster void fraction, the Nusselt number, and the cluster drag coefficient are included in the secondary data. The data is presented here to support the related main research paper, where the data was collected, and the data descriptor paper, in which the data is described in detail.



Technische Universitat Wien


Chemical Engineering, Numerical Analysis, Radiation, Particle, Convection, Heat Transfer Analysis, Fluid Flows Numerical Simulation