Indian Sign Language Video and Text dataset for sentences (ISLVT)

Published: 28 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/98mzk82wbb.1


This video and gloss-based dataset has been meticulously crafted to enhance the precision and resilience of ISL (Indian Sign Language) gesture recognition and generation systems. Our goal in sharing this dataset is to contribute to the research community, providing a valuable resource for fellow researchers to explore and innovate in the realm of sign language recognition and generation.Overview of the Dataset: Comprising a diverse array of ISL gesture videos and gloss datasets. The term "gloss" in this context often refers to a written or spoken description of the meaning of a sign, allowing for the representation of sign language in a written form. The dataset includes information about the corresponding spoken or written language and the gloss for each sign. Key components of a sign language gloss dataset include ISL grammar that follows a layered approach, incorporating specific spatial indices for tense and a lexicon with compounds. It follows a unique word order based on noun, verb, object, adjective, or part of a question. Marathi sign language follows the subject-object-verb (SOV) form, facilitating comprehension and adaptation to regional languages. This Marathi sign language gloss aims to become a medium for everyday communication among deaf individuals. This dataset reflects a careful curation process, simulating real-world scenarios. The original videos showcase a variety of gestures performed by a professional signer capturing a broad spectrum of sign language expressions. Incorporating Realism with green screen with controlled lighting conditions. All videos within this dataset adhere to pixels, ensuring uniformity for data presentation and facilitating streamlined pre-processing and model development stored in a format compatible with various machine and Deep learning frameworks, these videos seamlessly integrate into the research pipeline


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Exploration and Utilization: The data set has 76 sentence pairs of English-Marathi-ISL gloss in xlsx format and 152 videos. The videos have front and side views. We encourage you to delve into, analyse, and leverage this dataset for your research, experimentation, and development initiatives. By utilizing this dataset, you gain access to a unique compilation of ISL gesture videos meticulously curated to augment the accuracy and adaptability of sign language.


Cummins College of Engineering for Women


English, Text Editing, Video Processing, Sign Language, Indian Language