Data for Gift-giving, Love Styles, and Sacrifice: An Analysis Among Romantic Partners published by RAC-Revista de Administração Contemporânea

Published: 16 October 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/99ytkx8sr3.2
Jairo de Pontes Gomes,


This paper aimed to understand the gift-giving from the love types experienced in romantic relationships, investigating the frequency, the reasons for the act of giving gifts among couples, and the sacrificial perception. Through a quantitative and descriptive research, we conducted a survey with 257 people. The results revealed that the love characterized by eroticism and passion (Eros) is the predominant style among couples, and it is also, among the primary typologies, that guides individuals to gift more frequently through the social motive. In addition, among the secondary love styles, the altruist (Agape) tends to be what most often induces gift-giving, generating a sacrificial perception of the offerer. Further, it was seen that the sacrifice can be perceived in the gift-giving in other forms of love besides the Agape style. It is concluded that the gift-giving can vary according to the love styles experienced by people and that the perception of sacrifice in this act is related to these typologies of love. From the research results, we encourage the development of reflections and investigations focused on the consequences of love forms on consumer behavior, highlighting Lee's theory (1988) as capable of providing new interpretations about consumer relations.