Original data for Discovery of nanophase iron particles and high pressure clinoenstatite in a heavily shocked ordinary chondrite: implications for the decomposition of pyroxene

Published: 26 August 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9b3b73ny44.2
Zhuang Guo


The Word document named EPMA and TEM Quantitative EDS is the original data of chemical composition of phases in GRV 022115 measured by EPMA and TEM. Table A1 is major elements analyses of minerals in GRV 022115 by EPMA (in wt%). Table A2 is chemical compositions of various phases in the pyroxene glass of GRV 022115 by TEM-EDS (in at%). The file (in .dm3 format) named HRTEM image of HP-CEn is the original high-resolution TEM image of a [010] zone axis for a sigle HP-CEn nanocrystal. The file (in .dm3 format) named FFT pattern of HP-CEn is the Fast Fourier Transform pattern from the HRTEM image of HP-CEn.



Meteorite Mineralogy