3D printed receptacle with diffuser membrane for manipulating pressurized air and water

Published: 12 May 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9b4d8g9jc4.2
Tamás Gábor Pálfy,


Water research is one of many fields where FDM 3D printing offers the freedom of customization and the inclusion of commercial components. We present our 330 mL 3D printed laboratory receptacle that has been customized to control pressurized air and water in one body. During our tests, water has been stored without loss, and batches froze whilst circulating and diffusing air through the liquid. The device has been parameterized with the slicer software and gcode editing, letting the FDM printer to build a diffuser membrane surrounded by air-tight walls. Detailed construction instructions are given, including piping and control board for operation. According to the functionality of the receptacle and the aeration system, the solutions have been found durable and low-cost. Disadvantages are the time invested in creating customized code, and certain limitations of the membrane itself.



Chemistry, Process Engineering, Bioreactor Design