Agreement between dermatologists’ selection of the lesional area and characteristics best representing atopic dermatitis severity: online survey

Published: 29 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9bk5z85rts.2
Anders Daniel Andersen,
Theis Bjerre-Christensen,
John Robert Zibert,
Simon Francis Thomsen


Supplementary material Mean absolute error (AE) was used to evaluate the agreement in selection of squares defining the most representative area between the groups. An AE=0 indicates absolute agreement, and AE=10 indicates absolute disagreement. For all four photos the mean AE fluctuated between 0.177 and 0.688 for dermatologists from the online hospital and experienced clinical doctors, and between 0.313 and 0.625 for doctors from the online hospital and non-experienced clinical doctors (Supplementary Table 2). Based on data from all four photos, erythema, excoriation, and lichenification were rated as most important lesional characteristics when selecting a representative area for severity assessment. Across dermatologists, dryness, oedema and oozing were rated 1 point less important than excoriation, and >2 points less important than erythema (Supplementary Figure 2).



Dermatology, Atopic Dermatitis