Stochastic thermal properties of laminates

Published: 29 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9bm8f2wzfm.1
Jan Turant


The dataset includes results of numerical experiments of effective thermal conductivities for laminates. Laminates were built of 2 up to 8 layers and saturation density of composite matrix with fibres was from the interval <0.25, 0.55>. It was assumed that fibres located in each layer are rectilinear and have circular cross section and that they can take random positions in their unit cells (repeatable volume elements - RVE). The calculations were carried out for conductivity coefficients 1 for fibre material and 20 [W/(m K)] for matrix. The naming convention of files is den0xx_nly which indicates the file with results of all experiments for the case of matrix saturation with fibres equal 0.xx and y number of layers. Each file consists of 10 thousands of effective thermal conductivity coefficients being results of tests carried out on laminate specimens having random arrangement of fibres in their layers.



Composite Laminate, Thermal Property