Adaptation Study of the ‘Social Motivation Questionnaire’ to Turkish

Published: 31 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9byyns49zt.1
Görkem Kıyak,


The aim of this study is to adapt the ‘Social Motivation Questionnaire’ into Turkish and to ensure its validity and reliability.The comprehensibility of the questionnaire, whose language compatibility was ensured in this way, in Turkish culture was examined on 18 participants with the 'Comprehensibility Evaluation Form'. For the pilot application of the questionnaire that provided the content validity, individuals who were in the waiting room of our hospital, were older than 18 years, from different age groups, and had the ability to read and write in Turkish. Participants' descriptive information form, EQ-5D general quality of life scale and social motivation questionnaire were administered face-to-face. It was determined that the Turkish version of the questionnaire provided content validity, with the calculated I-CVI values in the range of 0.78-1.00 and the S-CVI value being 0.93. One of the items (Item 8) of the 'emotion regulator' sub-dimension of the questionnaire was removed from the Turkish version of the questionnaire because it decreased the Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Other one (Item 2) was removed from the Turkish version of the questionnaire because overlapping by showing a shift to both sub-dimensions. Thus, it was seen that the Turkish version of the 6-item and 2 sub-dimension questionnaire with a Cronbach Alpha value of 0.693 provided the confirmatory factor analysis goodness-of-fit values. The adaptation, validity and reliability of the Social Motivation Questionnaire into Turkish was ensured with a 6-item and 2 sub-dimension structure.

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