Fishery-independent catch data of selected juvenile reef fish in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, 2008-2018

Published: 25 May 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9bzshm5h46.1
Meagan N. Schrandt, Colin P. Shea, Benjamin N. Kurth, Theodore S. Switzer


This dataset is associated with the article “Amending survey design to improve statistical inferences: monitoring recruitment of juvenile reef fish in the eastern Gulf of Mexico” by the same authors, published in Fisheries Research in 2021. The data are presented as catch data (counts) of selected reef-associated fish species collected with two different gear types (haul seine and otter trawl). Zero catches (nets where no individuals of the indicated species were collected) are included in the dataset so that all samples (nets set) are present from 2008-2018. Metadata are included in the "Catch_Data"Metadata.xlsx" file. These data are used in two different R scripts in the publication’s Supplemental Materials 1 and 2, to present the workflow for conducting simulation-based statistical power analyses. Please see the publication for more information about this dataset.



Statistical Power, Fisheries Science, Fish Sampling, Sampling Design