Top Edu-Tech Apps in Google Play Store with Reviews and Technical Data

Published: 27 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9cjpkwjbdf.1
Azmine Toushik Wasi


The dataset consists of comprehensive information on the top 75+ Education Technology (Ed-Tech) apps available on the Google Play Store. Each app's details are outlined in the 'data.csv' file, encompassing key attributes such as title, summary, installation metrics, user ratings, reviews, size, compatibility specifications, developer information, genre, and more. Additionally, the dataset includes a 'reviews.csv' file containing user comments and reviews for each app, offering insights into user experiences and sentiments. With a focus on enhancing traditional education through technology, these Ed-Tech apps cover a range of features, including video content, online tests, skill development, preparation tips, model tests, and live classes for various academic purposes. This dataset provides a comprehensive overview for researchers, educators, and enthusiasts interested in the evolving landscape of educational technology on the Google Play Store.



Shahjalal University of Science and Technology School of Applied Science and Technology


Education, Educational Technology, Edutainment Application, Online Discussion, Online Learning, Analysis of Education, Sentiment Analysis