Air Density - GHANA

Published: 17 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9ck8478g65.1
Mary Asare-Addo


This dataset contains various air density values of all 170 districts in Ghana. This dataset is provided in tiff format.


Steps to reproduce

This dataset was created in the ArcGIS/ QGIS environment using the raster calculator to compute the actual air density per districts in Ghana. The main input dataset used was a 30 arc-second DEM data of Africa. The DEM data was downloaded from ESRI was for the entire globe so, the extract by mask tool in ArcGIS was used to extract the geographic boundaries and extent of Ghana for the analysis and resampled to a 1km x 1km grid cell.


Remote Sensing, Energy Application, Applied Geography, Lidar Remote Sensing, Wind Energy Potential