Open source anaerobic and temperature-controlled in vitro model enabling real-time release studies with live bacteria

Published: 26 October 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9cyp4s22mc.2
En-Te Hwu


Design files, 3D printing files, laser cutting files and operation videos for Hardware X article. Abstract: In vitro release and dissolution models are widely used in the development phases of oral drug delivery systems to measure how an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is released from a dosage form. However, additional requirements for these models arise when evaluating probiotic dosage forms since they are often sensitive to temperature and oxygen levels. As a solution to this, we propose a custom-designed anaerobic in vitro release setup, made mainly by 3D printing and laser cutting, to function together with state-of-the-art pharmaceutical dissolution equipment – in this case, a microDISS Profiler™. The in vitro release model makes it possible to study the release rate of oxygen-sensitive probiotics in simulated intestinal conditions, while ensuring their survival due to the anaerobic conditions. This has not been possible so far since the available in vitro dissolution models have not been compatible with anaerobic conditions. With two different case studies, the developed model combined with a microDISS Profiler™ has proven capable of measuring the release of a probiotic and a small-molecule API from microdevices for oral drug delivery. Further, the model facilitated the survival of anaerobic bacteria present in the release medium.



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Engineering Instrumentation