Serum Zinc and NTD in Iranian Newborns

Published: 2 February 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9d23hxbth4.1
Abbas Keshtkar


This STATA data file (.dta format) is belonging to my Case Control Study that was designed and conducted for assessing the risk factors of Neural Tube Defects in the Iranian Newborns.


Steps to reproduce

1. Designing the Case Control study 2. developing data sheet for the data collection 3. conducting the Case Control study and gathering the data 4. performing the biological measurement of the study subjects (the newborns' mothers) 5. gathering bio-samples data 6. data checking and cleaning 7. the data analysis and writing the manuscript and submitting the target Journal (Indian Pediatrics) 8. Accepting the targeted Journal


Golestan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services


Observational Study