Adolescent decision making styles

Published: 24 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9d466tztkn.1
selvaraj.n selvaraj.n


The following hypotheses generated for the present study. • There will be a significant difference between gender and decision-making styles among adolescents. • There will be a significant difference between the area of living and decision-making styles among adolescents. The results found that adolescents' decision-making styles are significant differences based on gender. Moreover, adolescents' decision-making styles are no significant differences based on the area of living. It concluded that, results provide an empirical framework for perceive the adolescents decision-making styles. It helps them to require healthy decision-making styles throughout their day-to-day activities. The sample of this study consisted of 785 adolescents from ninth and eleventh-grade students from various schools in and around the Salem town of Tamilnadu. There are thirty-two schools in and around Salem town out of that ten schools were elected at random. The participants selected chosen through stratified sampling. The investigator has approached the school authorities and obtained permission. There are 1310 students - 9th std & 1070 students 11th std out of 435 from 9th and 350 from 11th were elite through stratified random sampling. The questionnaires distributed to the participants and also the information collected below the personal superintendence of the investigator and The demographic information form was used to collect information, including gender and the area of living. The gender has classified two categories, like male and female. Similarly, the area of living classified into two groups, like urban and rural.



Periyar University, Periyar University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication


Behavioral Psychology, Applied Social Psychology