Comparison of honey yield, honey extraction and absconding rate with application of Flow Frames to Japanese honey bees

Published: 19 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9dszxmgspr.1
Pauleen Maria Ishii


The three excel files were run with R Studio using paired samples Wilcoxon test. extraction2= total number of honey extractions kg2= total amount of honey extracted abscond= 1= colony absconded 0= colony did not abscond Within the files: FH= Samples containing Flow Hive technology TH= Traditional Japanese beehives


Steps to reproduce

The beekeepers compared a traditional beehive to a traditional beehive containing Flow Hive technology (4 half-sized Flow Frames). The half-sized Flow Frames were installed in the top box after the bees had established a brood area in the traditional hive. The beekeepers then recorded the number of extractions, how much was extracted and the number of absconding colonies from March to October 2019. The gathered data was then run in R studio and analyzed using paired samples Wilcoxon test. FH was defined as the treatment.


Tokyo Daigaku


Entomology, Agricultural Animal