Drivers of post-fire resprouting success in restored Banksia woodlands

Published: 27 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9f5brtkv2s.1
Ebony Cowan,


These data refer to the paper "Drivers of post-fire resprouting success in restored Banksia woodlands" by Cowan et al., (2023). Across a 23-year chronosequence restored after sand mining, plants from 9 nine resprouting species were burnt, with their resprouting success quantifed as i) the probability of resprouting (measured ~5 months after fire), ii) the probability of surviving the first summer and, iii) vigour (both measured ~12 months post-fire). We sought to determine the influence of pre-fire plant size, restoration age and soil conditions on resprouting success.


Steps to reproduce

resproutsData = main data sheet with resprouting success, size, age per individual plant biomass = datasheet with biomass data RS_ageData = soils information by age RS_success_perc = proportions of resprouting success by species RSsuccess_code = R Markdown file of code used for analyses


Murdoch University


Ecological Restoration, Disturbance Ecology