Characterization of zein-based materials : Rheology -APPENDIX A1 (Fig. S1)- and X-ray Tomography -APPENDIX A2 (Fig. S2)-

Published: 22 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9fzf5kk6px.1
Laurent Chaunier


Characterization of zein-based materials: - Evolution of the viscoelastic properties of zein-based materials in the molten state during successive frequency sweeps carried out in a plate-plate oscillatory rheometer at 130 °C - APPENDIX A1 (Fig. S1) - - Potential effect of dilation, or thermal expansion, on sintering. No dilation is observed during the monitoring of the volume of a sole filament placed at high temperature and followed-up by dynamic X-ray microtomography at Synchrotron SOLEIL on the ANATOMIX beamline. Then, in the case of the sintering of two juxtaposed filaments placed at these same temperatures, no expansion (potential bubbles), nor thermal dilation, may favor the effect of surface tension as the driving force of the sintering. Indeed, with a very low increase of the total volume of each filament (less than 3% of the initial volume at the maximum measured level), the effect of the expansion is negligible, whatever the temperature -APPENDIX A2 (Fig. S2)-



Tomography, Melt Rheology