FAIRY: Maximum Transformation of Family Roles Towards a Harmonious Family and Prosperity of the 3rd SDG

Published: 27 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9gd9vz9yyc.1
marjani tsauri ernanto


In short, This article explains how the environment influences the roles assigned to a person, especially in a person's smallest environment, namely the family. A family can be said to be harmonious if each element in it carries out its respective functions and roles. The benchmark for someone being able to carry out their role is to see how well they are responsible in carrying out their duties and obligations. The character of responsibility is not an innate trait so it must be honed, especially for young people or late teens who still need encouragement from outside themselves. The form of support that can be provided by the family is by implementing good parenting patterns and implementing a reward and punishment system. Apart from that, to make it easier to achieve increased performance in the role of family members, the author also offers a solution in the form of a family application called FAIRY (Family Diary).



Management, Household Behavior, Family Functioning, Family Environment