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Published: 7 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9gmrmkyrgt.1
Ayontinee Dey


1. Abstract 1.1 Purpose – This study presents an extensive survey of current specially abled employees working in hotels, this study helps in identifying the areas in hotels for placements of them also the difficulties encountered and policies, facilities provided for current working specially abled employees. 1.2 Design/methodology/approach – Questionnaire was used for data collection. The information was collected through interview technique. The questionnaires were prepared one for the specially abled people already working in hotel industry and another for the co-workers of the organizations where the specially abled person is employed. The questionnaires for the specially abled employees are regarding the information of their working abilities and their opinions. The questionnaires for co-workers of the organizations are regarding the compatibility of their work experience with the specially abled employees. Random sample selection method has been used for selecting the samples. The following samples were selected for the study: - a) The specially abled people already working in hotels, restaurants, cafes and road side food venders. b) The co-workers of the organizations where the specially abled person is already employed. Secondary data considered of detailed literature search by referring various books, journals, articles and internet. A review of previous related research of specially abled employability in hotel industry was referred to gather secondary data. 1.3 Findings – The results indicate that people with disabilities experience difficulties in their interactions with their physical environment. The difficulties are often disability-specific, yet in some cases participants with diverse disabilities had common difficulties. Blind people relayed feeling unsafe in the hotel public areas as well as in the room. Around 20 percent of country’s population is specially abled of which only 5-6 percent are employed in hotel industry. 1.4 Practical implications – The scope of the specially abled people is not just limited working just in handloom, handicrafts as there is a lot of scope in hotel industry and catering services. Proper knowledge of the surrounding is needed for efficient working. 1.5 Originality/value – In this research currently many organisations provide employment to specially abled people like – Mirchi and Mime, ITC LTD., CCD, Taj etc. This study researches about different policies provided to these specially abled employees, by including these policies enhances the brand image and leaves an impact on the society. 1.6 Keywords- Tourism and hospitality, specially abled employees, hotels, restaurants, cafes and road side food vender literature analysis.



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