Compilation of Malay criminological terms from online news

Published: 21-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9h34wzkhds.1
Irina Pak


List of words was gathered through the process of word searching related to each crime category. From the seven categories of crime, a total of 724 crime terminologies were collected. Following the conversion of words into Malay, a total of 521 crime words were left,..the dataset pre-processing was applied to the original dataset. By applying an unsupervised method of filtering using StringToWordVector in WEKA, each word in the text was converted into its attribute. This led to an increase in the total number of attributes. The applied stop words then filtered the attributes by matching the same words to the existing attributes. This pre-processing phase helped obtain attributes in the training and test datasets. A list of 500 most relevant attributes in the content of the output was finalized.