Survey on Engineering Practices in Riverbank Protection and Erosion Control in Colombian Rivers: Dataset

Published: 16 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9hyd8cbhnk.1


This dataset supports a comprehensive survey titled "Survey on Engineering Practices in Riverbank Protection and Erosion Control in Colombian Rivers," conducted between April 2023 and February 2024, aimed at capturing the practices, criteria, and challenges in the design, construction, and monitoring of longitudinal riverbank protection structures and erosion mitigation measures in Colombian rivers. The study targeted a diverse group of 110 hydraulic and river engineering professionals, including designers, consultants, supervisors, researchers, and builders from various regions across Colombia. Through a meticulously validated questionnaire, the survey explored aspects such as the awareness of scour failures, the application of specific technical manuals and documents, the evaluation of existing design criteria, the implementation of erosion mitigation measures, and the frequency of erosion control measure supervision. The collected data are documented in several key files: "Question dataset.xlsx" holds the raw, individual responses to the survey's nine validated questions; "Preliminary Survey.pdf" details the survey's preliminary findings and methodology; "Survey.pdf" presents the final version of the survey questionnaire; and "Survey data.xlsx" synthesizes the collected responses, organizing them into meaningful categories for analysis. This ensemble of documents not only serves to detail the current state of engineering practices related to riverbank protection in Colombia but also acts as a foundation for future studies aiming to enhance the safety and effectiveness of hydraulic structures against erosion. The insights derived from this dataset are invaluable for identifying national trends, methodologies, and experiences, thus facilitating the development of evidence-based recommendations and strategies for improving riverbank protection and erosion control measures in granular bed rivers.



Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, Universidad del Valle


Engineering, Bridge Engineering