Tourism Arrivals in East African Community 2000 to 2019

Published: 22 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9jf5gphm7z.1
Adol Gogo,


This data reflects tourism trends ten years after singing of the Treaty establishing the East African Community, and ten years after with the ratification of the Free Movement Protocol. It was used to understand how regional integration affects tourism arrivals using the political economy of East African Community.


Steps to reproduce

We gathered the reported annual tourism arrivals from United Nations World Tourism Organization, and plotted the data on a line graph to examine the trends. We then carried out paired t-test to examine the difference between the mean number of tourism arrivals before the implementation of free movement protocol in EAC and after. Because the time-series data had missing observations, it would have been imprudent to rely purely on graphical impression to determine a significant difference, making the paired t-test most suitable analysis. The paired t-test was equally suitable because it satisfactorily answered the critical research question, whether the EAC free movement protocol made any significant changes to the number of tourism arrivals the countries received.


Szent Istvan Egyetem