Intersectionality of Social Identity, Trauma, and Education: A First-Generation College Student's Reflective Journey

Published: 7 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9jjsht6h9g.1
Richard De La Garza


This reflective paper explores the intersectionality of social identity, trauma, and education through the lens of a first-generation college student (FGCS) who is a neurodivergent Army veteran. I share my personal journey and experiences, highlighting marginalized communities’ challenges in the education system. I delve into the impact of cultural invasion, the transmission of trauma across generations, and the importance of critical consciousness in addressing educational inequality. I also discuss the role of spatial thinking and language in shaping learning experiences. I emphasize the need for cultural awareness, inclusivity, and equity in educational spaces and highlight the transformative power of embracing one’s differences. Overall, I explain the complex dynamics of social identity, trauma, and education and call for a deeper understanding and critical examination of these issues.



University of San Diego


Education, Disability, Culture