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Published: 13 January 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9k6hn5zd4j.2
Jianbang Xuan


The influence of ethnol content, amount of ethanol added and Liquorice-to-Dysosma versipellis ratio to the extraction ratio of podophyllum


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The method of HPLC [18]: Waters Atlantis Chromatographic column: T3C18(250x4.6mm,5μm) column temperature: 25℃ flow rate: 1ml/min moving phase: methanol -0.1% phosphate solution( 60: 40 ) Determine wavelength: 292nm The extracting conditions except above three parameters: temperature, 95℃; Time,3h; extracting method, hot reflux in water bath. We will compute the extraction ratio by the calibration curve of Podophyllum (Fig.5) R(mg/g)=(c×v)/M R:The extraction ratio( ×) C:the concentration of extracting solution V:the volume of extracting solution M: the weight of dysosma versipellis


Tianjin University


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