Data for: Non-destructive screening methodology based on ED-XRF for the classification of Medieval and post-Medieval archaeological ceramics

Published: 28 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9kdn3v6m4h.1
Estefania Calparsoro


Supplementary Material including on the set of 47 Medieval and Modern ceramics from the northern Iberian Peninsula. - Archaeological data including samples description - Dendrogram showing the relationship between the variability of the elements according to the compositional variation matrix for 47 samples with data obtained by means of ICP-MS - Concentrations obtained by ICP-MS - Net counts acquired by ED-XRF non-destructively - RSDs of each sample including the 50 observations acquired by ED-XRF



Ceramics, Screening, X-Ray Fluorescence, X-Ray Non-Destructive Testing