MRE Forecast (math projection)

Published: 26 June 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9m7m347bzp.2
Pedro Valente,
Nuno Nunes,
Marco Winckler


MRE Forecast Fields: Year: 1 to 11, considering 10 years between the first and the last measurement. Project: P1 to P10 Estimated Effort: All projects of same size, 100 hours. Real Effort: Hypothetical real effort Deviation: Real - Estimated Error: Absolute Deviation MRE: Absolute of (Real-Estimated)/Estimated Avg(Error): Average of Error Avg(Estimated Effort): Average of Estimated StdDev. Std(Error): Standard Deviation of MRE Margin of Error: Avg. Estimated + StdDev. Error