Ebenezer Georgia Ground Penetrating Radar

Published: 7 September 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9nkdbmpz3t.2
Daniel Elliott


The folder (Area B) contains the raw data files (.rad and .rd3) from a ground penetrating radar survey identified as GPR Block B at the archaeological site of New Ebenezer (Archaeological site number 9EF28) in Effingham County, Georgia USA. These data were collected by Daniel T. Elliott in 2002 using GroundVision software. The GPR data was post-processed in 2010 using GPR-Slice software and those files are in Folder EbenB. The results of this GPR survey, of which GPR Block B was the first area sampled, are detailed in a LAMAR Institute Publication Series Report Number 73, available at https://thelamarinstitute.org/images/PDFs/publication_73.pdf


Steps to reproduce

Data was collected by Daniel T. Elliott using MALA GeoScience X3M radar unit.


Georgia Southern University


Archeology, Ground-Penetrating Radar


National Park Service