Socio-demographics, Follow-up Status and Psychiatric Disability Scores of Patients with Mental Disorders in Sausar Tehsil located in Central India

Published: 18 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9nymkxm42f.1


This data contains variables (categorized and anonymized) concerned with socio-demographics (age, gender, employment, education, marriage, annual family income and caste), follow-up status, treatment history and psychiatric disability scores (measured on India Disability Evaluation and Assessment Scale) of more than 570 patients with mental disorders suffering from mental illness, epilepsy and mental retardation/intellectual disability collected between July, 2014 and Feb, 2019. Primarily this data was obtained from GASVS' ( health information systems primary objective of which is to maintain patient records for efficient disposal of mental health services. Hence, this data doesn't contain any control groups or negatives. This data was used for a cross-sectional study where psychiatric disability, help-seeking and accessibility of resources were statistically assessed in order to find the prime factors involved in delivery of mental health services.



Public Health, Mental Health, Disability, Help-Seeking, Sociodemographics