Vibration datasets of beams subjected to free vibration using the smartphone's accelerometer

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9p3kb6x4n7.2
Abdelbaset Ait Ben Ahmed


The vibration datasets were acquired from three rectangular beams (Aluminum, Brass, and Copper beams), with different properties and geometric specifications, and with different boundary conditions, as shown in the attached figure. The data collection was performed via the integrated smartphone accelerometer with the following specifications: - The acquisition was performed using a smartphone with a sampling rate of 100Hz. - The reference name of the smartphone accelerometer is BOSCH BMC150. - The three beams have been subjected to free vibration by applying a load and removing it. - The acquisition includes the vibration data in the vertical direction (Z-axis) according to the smartphone coordinate system. - The data files contain 3 columns of data, where the first one is according to X-direction, the second is for Y-direction, and the third is for Z-direction (Z-axis). The objective of this study is to extract the dynamic characteristics of the beams and compare them with the theoretical values in order to present an alternative instrument for mechanical and civil engineering students to practice their theoretical courses in structural vibration. NB: - More details are included in the reference below. - The reported datasets are entirely linked to the scientific article: "Dynamic characteristics of beams under free vibration using the smartphone - laboratory experiments for education", So, it is recommended to read it.


Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce this dataset are included in the reference below.


Universite Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Faculte des Sciences et Techniques de Fes


Mechanical Engineering, Structural Vibration, Beam Behavior