Data for: Two Species, One Snare: Analysing the impacts of Tiger poaching on a non-target species, the Malayan Tapir.

Published: 25-01-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9pnj7pmzzh.1
Christofer Clemente,
Deborah Martyr,
Dian Risdianto,
Kassandra Campbell


This data contains the monthly totals for evidence of Tigers, Tapirs and Snare Traps within Kerinci Seblat National Park between 2012-2015. Data for this report was collected and collated by the Tiger Protection and Conservation Units, based in Sumatra Indonesia. Also included are the number of days on patrol (PatrolDay: Total for multiple patrols), the distance covered by patrols (km), and the total area covered by patrols based on a MCP (km2).