Dataset on Understanding Consumer Attitudes Towards Security and Privacy in Digital Currency Transactions: A Survey on Trust Factors in e-CNY

Published: 2 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9rj2gpj2dk.1
Yuanyuan Tang


The present survey investigates the factors influencing the adoption and usage of e-CNY (digital Chinese Yuan) among Chinese consumers. Specifically, this comprehensive data-driven study thoroughly examines the pulling, pushing, and mooring factors that significantly shape consumer’s decision-making processes. The dataset included 687 participants participating from three different regions in China, including East China (Shanghai), South China (Guangdong), and North China (Beijing); data was carefully collected and analyzed.


Steps to reproduce

Data were acquired by employing cross-sectional survey questionnaires from 686 respondents. The survey encompassed demographic information, perceived ease of use, trust, risk of security and privacy, social influence, cost of use, as well as the actual purchase and use of e-CNY. Data were collected from consumers, specifically from East China (Shanghai), South China (Guangdong), and North China (Beijing), to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the Chinese consumer market. The data were collected from Chinese consumers from February to June 2023. The survey was conducted in English. Data was collected through various visit surveys based on the usage of e.CNY.


Computer Security and Privacy, Consumer Attitude, Digital Economy