Hydrochar and wood vinegar from ananas biomass waste

Published: 15 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9s9rfn5pfh.1
, Dhika Prita Hapsari,


Biochemical composition of ananas biomass waste as hydrochar and wood vinegar from a thermal hydrolization process at subcritical temperature level


Steps to reproduce

Preparation of wood vinegar solution The raw material for the manufacture of wood vinegar is obtained from biomass from the processing of pineapple waste into bromelain enzymes derived from pineapple stems. Biomass is dried in an oven to obtain a moisture content of 5-10%. The dried biomass was then crushed to a size of 3 mm with a thrasher. Biomass was put into the pyrolysis device with a ratio of material and water of 1:10. Pyrolysis is carried out under conditions of low oxygen content. The oxygen content in the machine is reduced by vacuum and adding nitrogen gas. The pyrolysis machine is a closed electric furnace with a power of 200 W. The temperature range set consists of 180-220°C as Bio1, 220-250°C as Bio2, and 250-280°C as Bio3. Heating was carried out until it reached the set temperature treatment. When the heating has reached the targeted temperature, the heating stays for one hour. The resulting product after the pyrolysis process was given methanol with a concentration of 10%. The provision of methanol aims to increase the shelf life of the product.


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